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Tim & Kelly Franklin


It is our heart’s desire and calling to follow Jesus faithfully and help build an army of faithful Christians who love God and others well.   Freedom Christian Center is a community of believers seeking the presence and power of God through engaging, powerful worship, prayer, and Biblical teaching that is pertinent and practical.  We are called to equip believers to do the work of the ministry and to impact our community--one life at a time. It is our passion to provide a place where people, just like you, can have a life changing experience with God.  It is our joy to have you visit our site…Welcome to Freedom!   

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 Upcoming Events 
Wednesday 3 September
7:00amMorning Prayer @ Sanctuary
Wednesday 3 September
11:00amStaff-Led Prayer @ Sanctuary
Wednesday 3 September
5:30pmIntercession & Spiritual... @ Room N-4
Wednesday 3 September
7:00pmOvercomers Ministry @ Room N-1
Wednesday 3 September
7:00pmMid-Week Service @ Freedom Christian Center
Thursday 4 September
7:00amMorning Prayer @ Sanctuary
Thursday 4 September
7:00pmDrama Team @ Room N-1
Friday 5 September
7:00amMorning Prayer @ Sanctuary
Friday 5 September
7:00pmMyHOP - My House of Prayer @ Varies
Saturday 6 September
6:30pmWOF Fun Fellowship BUNCO Night @ Room N-1
 Listen to the Latest Sermons 
Faith is a Choice (download)
Pastor Tim Franklin, 8/17/2014
Why, You Look Just Like Your Father (download)
Pastor Tim Franklin, 8/10/2014
Facing Fear with Faith (download)
Pastor Tim Franklin, 8/3/2014
That Will Get Your Attention (download)
Pastor Tim Franklin, 7/27/2014
The Lord says, "I Got This." (download)
Pastor Tim Franklin, 7/20/2014
Who Are You Following? (download)
Pastor Joshua Franklin, 7/6/2014
 Recent Sermon Notes 
140831 If You Only Knew
140827 Church of Revival
140824 Diverse and Unified
140820 Two Ladies Two Gifts
140817 Faith Is A Choice
140813w What Message are Your Sending
140810 Why You Look Just Like Your